Hello I'm Nikki!

Role: Founder / Director

Founded Evolve in: 2014

Favourite Colour: Pink

Hobbies: Listening to Music, Singing & Learning

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My Story

Hi! My name is Nikki and I founded Evolve in 2014, to support young people and their mental health. 

I find this extremely important because as a young (ish) person myself, I have found that there simply aren't enough spaces where we can go to find a community who gets it. 

I was born into a difficult family environment, and went through trauma for a large part of my life, which I'm still processing to this day. I have experience of hearing voices, distress and severe mental health challenges. I personally don't agree with psychiatric labels (I have 6 currently!), although I am under a mental health team who support me and prescribe medication. 

I am extremely passionate about giving people options when it comes to supporting them with their mental health, as I believe knowledge is power, and the more we learn about ourselves, and the different coping strategies there are, the more autonomy and agency we have. 

As part of my activism and advocacy work, I hold multiple consultancy roles with different mental health and human rights organisations across the UK. 

I've seen Evolve help young people flourish, especially while going through difficult transitions into being a young adult. I'm proud of all of us for how far we have come, and I know we can do so much more!


I love to connect and network with people. Get in touch if you have an opportunity, question or concern 

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