Hello I'm Robyn!

Role: Manager / Social Media Manager

Member Since: 2016

Favourite Colour: Fern Green

Hobbies: Digital Art, Listening to Music, Content Creation, Marvel & Comics

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My Story

When I got asked in one of our Evolve peer support sessions to finish the sentence "I am good at" I answered with "I am good at being a jack of all trades". I do not believe that this means jack of all trades, master of none, but instead a master of plenty.

A big part of my upbringing happened on the internet, from watching YouTube skits instead of TV shows to socialising with friends online on things such as MSN Messenger, Bebo, Myspace and Facebook instead of hanging round the local shopping centre. Many may find this sad, or not a correct upbringing, but I was pulled in and was so interested in the business side of it. Especially in 2007, when YouTube announced their Partner Program, it felt like such an unreal idea, adverts on videos so the content creator could be paid, but now its something you expect, you open an app like TikTok and it's the first thing you see. A lot has changed since 2007 and yet online marketing and content creating is still one of my joys in life.

Another big part in my life is my own mental health. I am someone who developed depression and anxiety at a young age and most recent developed dissociative disorders such as depersonalisation and derealisation. For a long time I felt alone in terms of my mental illnesses, it took a long time to accept help. I became the Mental Health Student Ambassador at my college, it was then when I found the responsibly I had, making sure students who needed help were heard. A friend suggested a local support group called Evolve and I have not looked back since, as soon as I attended Evolve and saw the good it did not only to myself but to others, I knew that I wanted to help and get involved, I started at Evolve by asking Founder Nikki if I could practice my online media marketing and content creation, shortly after that I started facilitating sessions, I helped plan events and even was the lead on an animation project with ITV Fixers where we spread the awareness on mental health issues, trauma and why we should seek help. We have since transformed ourselves from a local peer support group to a national peer support group, helping others all over the UK deal with their personal issues. In late 2021 I became manager of Evolve, which I do proudly while also facilitating & managing our website/ social media.


I'm always down for a chat and a shoulder to lean on, always a message away!

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