Hello I'm Josh!

Role: Facilitator

Member Since: 2015

Favourite Colour: Green

Hobbies: Gaming, Streaming, Marvel & PC Building

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My Story

All my life I have been passionate about gaming, from retro consoles to the latest, my passion is so big that I even stream games for a living. I am very lucky to have the job that I love, but I am also really lucky to be able to work at Evolve.


I started at Evolve as a member, I have struggled with stress and other mental illnesses since college. I was in an unhealthy relationship that caused me so much stress and trauma, I felt so alone and did not know what to do or who to talk to about it. I found Evolve from a mutual friend of mine and Nikkis. From my first session I could tell how open and safe the environment was, here I was in a room with people who understood me. 


Once old enough I went to university, still being in the unhealthy relationship which I struggled to leave, the stress and trauma multiplied, especially now with the stress of coursework which was piling up on me. Evolve was still there for me even though I was not able to make in person sessions anymore, they supported me through texts and group chats and with enough courage, I was able to leave that relationship behind and choose me and happiness. 


I have introduced friends and even my now partner Robyn to Evolve, I knew how much it had helped me and others so wanted to make sure they knew that they also had a place to feel safe. My favourite part of Evolve is the activities we do, from wellness exercises and coping mechanisms they help everyone no matter the mental illness they are struggling with. The things I have learnt in these activities help me day to day. 


When I found out Evolve was looking for more facilitators to join the team I knew it was my chance to stand up, with being a member for so long I saw how helpful it has been to not only myself but others, I wanted to help others just like they helped me. 


From the time of writing this, I have been a facilitator for a couple of months, I have found this experience to be life changing. With us now being an online community, I am meeting and helping people from all walks of life and connect with people who I may not have otherwise.


If you want to message me I am in our Discord!

I am down to talk about anything, especially if it is Marvel or gaming related!

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